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Solar Credit – Available through 2016

The U.S. government offers a tax credit (Solar Tax Credit, 25D) for up to 9% of the total retail cost of the solar-ready heat pump or air conditioner that’s at the heart of the SunSource® Home Energy System, when applying solar modules. Also covered under 25D, 30% of the cost with no upper limit on solar module installation.

HVAC Credit – Available for equipment purchased in 2011

The U.S. federal government offers a tax credit on high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment that expired on December 31, 2011. This credit (Federal HVAC Credit, 25C) covers up to 10% of cost up to $500 or a specific amount from $50 - $300 on energy-efficient improvements made in 2011 on qualifying systems and is offered as part of a larger energy efficiency incentive for home improvements. If you claimed $500 or more for enhancements to your home’s exterior (windows, doors, skylights, insulation, roofing, etc.) from 2006 to 2010, your HVAC purchase made in 2011 will be ineligible for a tax credit. If you claimed $500 or less, you may qualify for a credit, but you may not get the full dollar amount specified.

LIPA - Cool Homes Program - Limited Time Promotion

If your central air conditioner (CAC) can't keep up with the heat this summer, then now is the time to replace it with a new high-efficiency system. Early Retirement rebates are available when you replace an inefficient CAC or heat pump that is operational or in need of minor repairs. Click here!

Lennox qualifying products - Save up to $1,375 on a new home comfort system.

Upgrade to the exceptional comfort and efficiency of a new Lennox® home comfort system today and leave your old system in the dust. You'll enjoy some serious savings right now, with up to $1,375 in rebates, and you'll save energy every month. All without sacrificing comfort.

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Rebates & Incentives
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